Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pt.Pleasant Beach Boardwalk

Hurricane Sandy has swept through my entire hometown leaving only debris in its wake. This massive storm has left millions in the tri-state area without power and homes. It is truly devastating to see how many people were affected by this tragic storm.

A few days after the storm I was finally able to fill my brothers car with gas and bring my mom and family some supplies. I walked along what use to be Pt. Pleasant boardwalk and is now just piled up boards and debris. The whole entire Martells Tiki Pier is now just a wobbling broken building standing on the edge of the ocean. To even get to the beach and be allowed to pass the barricade of police you have to know someone who lives on those blocks.  My mom and I made it through to help a friend clean out, scrub, and dry her belongings. As you walked down these streets covered entirely with piles of sand your heart wrenched for all the people coming together to clean up and rebuild. Along all the curbs everyone's memories and lives were just piled up on top of each other making a wall of sadness down every street you turned. There were tears in each persons eyes but an overall feeling of strength, resilience and a determination to come together and rebuild.